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TD Ameritrade to Offer Bitcoin Futures Trading on Monday

TD Ameritrade, which runs the largest futures operation between all of the online brokerage firms, will allow their clients to trade Cboe’s bitcoin futures on Monday, December 18, 2017. It appeared they were previously waiting to see how the market would react after Cboe launched their bitcoin futures last Sunday (December 10th), and apparently it has performed well enough for them to open it up to their clients.

On a related note, the CME group will be launching their bitcoin futures on December 18, 2017 as well. CME’s futures operation is much larger than Cboe, so it is anticipated that the CME launch coupled with the TD Ameritrade offering will dramatically increase the volume on bitcoin futures trading. This should in turn affect the price of bitcoin, which in the past week has shot up from a low of $13,226 to currently $17,797.

If TD Ameritrade follows the approach they took with Cboe’s bitcoin futures, they will very likely be offering CME’s bitcoin futures sometime soon. We also expect to see other institutions follow suit such as J.P. Morgan.