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Recap of Newly Listed Coins for December 2017

Let’s recap a few of the popular coins that were listed on the larger exchanges this month.


The most popular coin that became tradeable on exchanges this month is undoubtedly ICON (ICX).


ICON’s ICO took place in September and their tokens were locked until December. The public sale raised a total of 150,000 ETH for 400,230,000 ICX tokens. As soon as they became tradeable, Binance listed ICX and it generated over 10,000 BTC in volume during the first 24 hours of trading.

ICON is a project based in South Korea boasting a number of impressive partnerships that include universities, hospitals, financial institutions and even then South Korean government. As a member of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance with Wanchain and AION, ICON aims to link various different blockchains together to allow transactions and communication between the blockchains.

ICO Token Price: 1 ICX = .0004 ETH (~$.011 USD at the time of ICO)
Current Price: .007410 ETH / .0003775 BTC (~$5.35 USD)

*It is also important to note that the circulating/total supply and market cap is currently incorrect on CoinMarketCap. The total circulating supply should be 400,230,000 and the total supply should be 800,460,000.


AION grabbed the spotlight when they announced that they were cancelling the public sale of their token and will only be relying on the funds raised from the private and pre-sale rounds.


AION also introduced the Token Release Schedule (TRS) mechanism that allowed for token holders to opt in and have their tokens plus an additional bonus be distributed to them over the span of a year.

We wrote a detailed analysis of AION here.

AION was listed on Binance on December 21.

ICO Token Price: $.50-$1.00 USD (Private and pre-sale)
Current Price: .0003219 BTC / .006350 ETH (~$4.62 USD)


WaBi is a China-based project that focuses on using the blockchain to prevent counterfeits and allow consumers to verify the authenticity of products. WaBi’s ICO concluded on November 30th and was listed on Binance on December 12th.


With counterfeits and fake products being a huge issue in China, WaBi’s technology would be extremely useful if scaled and adopted by major producers and manufacturers.

ICO Token Price: 1 WABI = 0.00053 ETH (~$.24 USD at the time of ICO)
Current Price: .0001315 BTC / .00259266 ETH (~$1.90 USD)

Bread (BRD)

Bread (BRD) is a widely used mobile app with over 700,000 users and serves as a bitcoin wallet. With the popularity of Ethereum rising this year, Bread expanded its wallet to support ETH and ERC-20 tokens as well.


Users that hold BRD tokens have access to special in-app content, perks, discount on service fees, and a loyalty rewards program. It has been a topic of debate in the community that BRD tokens do not serve a useful purpose since Bread already has a fully functional wallet and mostly did an ICO to grab more money.

7,000,000 BRD tokens were sold on Binance LaunchPad. Binance subsequently listed BRD for trading on December 20th.

ICO Token Price: 1 BRD = .00111 ETH (~$.78 USD at the time of ICO)
Current Price: .00011888 BTC / .0023328 ETH (~$1.71 USD)

Ælf (ELF)

Ælf (ELF), formerly named Grid, is developing a decentralized cloud operating system with focuses on scalability, resource segregation, and governance.


Ælf held a private sale of their tokens, raising 55,000 ETH for 250,000,000 ELF tokens. Investors included 1kx capital, Alphabit, BlockTower, FBG Capital, Galaxy Partners, Hashed, Hyperchain, LinkVC, Signum Capital, and many others.

Binance listed ELF on December 20th.

ICO Token Price: 1ELF = .00022 ETH (~$.099 USD at the time of the private sale)
Current Price: .00007025 BTC / .00138454 ETH (~$1.02 USD)

Simple Token (OST)

Simple Token (OST) is a project that allows companies to simply launch their own branded tokens on side-chains, powered by Simple Token.


Simple Token, through the open-source OpenST protocol, eliminates the advanced complexities that are associated with tokenization, allowing companies to create their own tokens without devoting too much of their time or resources.

Simple Token’s ICO ended on December 1st and raised 46,828 ETH. Binance listed OST on December 18th.

ICO Token Price: 1 OST = .000179 ETH (~$.083 USD at the time of ICO)
Current Price: .00001957 BTC / .00038663 (~$.28 USD)