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Digital Cats Test the Limits of Ethereum

The wildly popular CryptoKitties game continues to test the limits of the Ethereum network since its recent launch last week.


The pending transactions queue has grown from an average of 1,000 on Saturday, December 2nd to currently over 22,000 just a few days later.

A significant portion of these pending transactions are for the CryptoKitties smart contracts (currently over 10,000: Contract 1 and Contract 2). This is due to a new transaction being generated whenever a user buys, sells, breeds, or sires a cat.


The cheapest cats are now going for around 0.0349 ETH ($15.95). On the other end of the spectrum, Genesis remains the highest sold cat at $115,000+ although there have been other high-priced sales recently.


Over $6.5 million dollars worth of digital cats have been sold. CryptoKitties Sales is a useful app that has compiled the sales data and ranks them.

This trend of a growing pending transactions queue is set to continue as the number of cats keeps increasing, which creates a snowball effect as users rush to trade and breed them due to the rising popularity of the game.

If you want your transactions to go through in a timely manner, your best bet would be to set your gas price (gwei) to a high number.