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Bitcoin Prices Soar Past $10,000


With the cryptocurrency market as bullish as it has ever been, bitcoin is continuing to lead the charge and finally surpassing the $10,000 barrier that many thought would be not achieved this early. As of writing this, bitcoin is trading at $10,865 on Bithumb (Korean Exchange) and $9,967 on the US-based exchange GDAX.

Overall, we have seen the entire cryptocurrency space exceed $300 billion in market cap. Multiple popular coins are also hitting all time highs such as litecoin and ethereum. Mike Novogratz, who has been extremely supportive of cryptocurrency, mentions that bitcoin could be $40,000 by the end of 2018 and ethereum can be triple what it is today.

The market is growing at an extremely fast rate and Coinbase, the leading platform for Americans to buy cryptocurrencies, reported that they have more than 13.3 million users now - up from 11.7 million users at the end of October. All this coupled with the CME futures set to release in a few weeks builds a strong foundation for an exciting and huge upcoming year for 2018.