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AirSwap Token Trader Open Beta

AirSwap has just launched the open beta for their Token Trader product.

Token Trader's general concept is similar to ShapeShift in that it is only focused on the trade aspect between two parties (in this case, ether for AST tokens) without having to deal with the buy and sell order book you normally see in traditional exchanges.

The key difference between Token Trader and Shapeshift is simple, Token Trader uses decentralized exchange technologies (namely the Swap Peer and Oracle protocols).


Although the open beta is only on the testnet, it's an important milestone for AirSwap as they continue to test and receive user feedback during this beta period to prepare for the mainnet release early next year. To those interested in trying it out, there are detailed instructions in the guide posted by AirSwap.

With an all-star team of advisors including Mike Novogratz and Joseph Lubin, AirSwap is poised for big things as decentralized exchanges take center stage in 2018.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please conduct your own independent research before performing any purchase or sale of a cryptocurrency. We currently hold AST tokens as part of our long term portfolio.