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Aion - The Third Generation Blockchain Network

Aion is an upcoming third generation blockchain network aimed at bringing interoperability to blockchain systems.

The crypto space is currently made up of separate blockchain networks that do not communicate with each other. Bitcoin runs on its own network, Ethereum is on its own network, and so on.

This is reminiscent of the pre-internet era when there were separate private networks running but not a global interconnected one. The Aion protocol will enable separate blockchain networks to be connected, creating something similar to the internet but for the blockchain ecosystem.

Their introduction video gives a brief overview on this.

We believe that interoperability will be a major theme in crypto for 2018. Although there are other projects tackling this problem (e.g. Polkadot, Cosmos, etc.), Aion stands out in terms of experience, partnerships, enterprise relationships, and roadmap execution.


The founding team behind Aion is one of the strongest we've seen.

Matthew Spoke


CEO at Nuco and AION

In addition to founding Nuco and AION, Matt is also a Founding Board Member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and a Fintech Advisor for the Ontario Securities Commission. He was previously a Team Lead at Rubix by Deloitte and a Senior Consultant at Deloitte prior to that.

Jinius Tu


CTO at Nuco and AION

Jinius was previously the Blockchain Architect and Lead Developer at Rubix by Deloitte.

Kesem Frank


COO at Nuco and AION

Kesem was previously a Blockchain Specialist at Rubix by Deloitte and a Senior Consultant at Deloitte prior to that.


Securing partnerships both from the enterprise sector and the crypto space is vital to Aion's success. Fortunately, they have existing connections with companies both through their work at Nuco and their relationship with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

These are the first of many more partnerships expected to be announced over the coming months.


The concept of Aion itself came from their work at Nuco while building private blockchains for enterprise companies. Their clients wanted to be able to send transactions from their own private blockchain to another company's private blockchain. This is solving a problem that real world customers want.

They are on schedule and plan to release the AION-1 testnet in early 2018. AION-1 will also include a Virtual Machine (VM) so that it can run smart contracts and dApps. Initially the network will use a modified proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm, but will eventually include staking as well.


Tools will also be provided to build your own Aion-compatible blockchain. It is currently alpha access only, but will move to be open-source.

AION Token

The AION token will be used as "gas" for the AION-1 network similar to how ETH is used as gas for the Ethereum network.

AION is currently an ERC20 token, but can be exchanged into a native AION-1 token once the network launches.

465M tokens total
30M tokens sold at $0.50 during private sale phase.
9.5M tokens sold at $0.75 to $1.00 during pre-sale phase.
The two public sale phases have been cancelled.


Tokens owned by the Aion Foundation and Nuco will be locked for 3 years with a monthly distribution schedule (2.78% per month for 36 months).

The currently open Token Release Schedule (TRS) gives early supporters a guaranteed 292.73% bonus on the tokens they sent in to be locked for 1 year with a monthly distribution schedule.


Tokens circulating from the private and pre-sale phases can currently be traded on EtherDelta and as of this posting can still be sent into the TRS until Dec 8th.

We have created a TRS Ranking page that shows the current contributions.


This is our favorite blockchain project by far. The concept, the team, the partnerships/connections, the roadmap, and the actual purpose of the token - everything checks out.

We love their focus on enterprise partnerships, which we believe will add tremendous value to the token. Then you have the currently open TRS which gives you a major bonus to your holdings. You can think of this as buying ETH when it was still $0.50 each.

One overlooked aspect of a successful project is the leadership and the enthusiasm of the team. We started following this project back in August, and the one thing that caught our attention the most was their CEO, Matt Spoke.

Having looked at hundreds of blockchain companies doing their ICOs the past few months, there have only been a handful of CEOs who we thought had the qualities to lead a successful company. Matt definitely has the experience needed in blockchain technology and his enthusiasm for the project is contagious.

There are many videos on YouTube of Matt’s presentations and we were impressed with every one of them. We noticed that he was at a different conference, meetup, or event at locations all over the world for up to three to four times a week. It was also refreshing that he still made time to give us weekly video updates on what was going on with AION and the project.

The rest of the team and community managers have been extremely interactive on Telegram and Discord, answering all questions that come their way. Their transparency and willingness to listen to the community as evidenced by the past two months in regards to concerns with the public sale and other small things is fantastic.

We think this is a great project not only because of their product, but also because of the leadership and the team behind the scenes.

Website: https://aion.network/
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/srU4qbS
Telegram: https://t.me/aion_blockchain
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/AionNetwork/

We highly recommend that you read through their whitepapers. They also give regular updates on their YouTube channel.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Please conduct your own independent research before performing any purchase or sale of a cryptocurrency. We currently hold AION tokens as part of our long term portfolio.